Journey to read

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As I sat in the waiting room at Kampala orthopaedic and Trauma centre, flipping through the New Vision while stealing glances at the TV which had talk about the death of AIGP -Felix Kaweesi(RIP).I landed on an article by Paul Busharizi titled ,”Time to walk with a book.”in the paper. (New Vision,17th March, Pg 15)

Waiting rooms and appointments have one thing in common-TIME.Lots of time;30 minutes seem like an houršŸ˜‚
I was in for physiotherapy and had to wait for two people before I was attended too.Back to why I am writing this article.

Paul Busharizi talked about the just concluded “Drop Everything And Read”(DEAR) day on the 3rd Wednesday of March.
The DEAR day was launched in Uganda in 2013 as a collaboration between the Education ministry and the US Peace Corps as a way to promote the reading culture and a love for learning.

Paul obviously schooled me,I saw the #DEAR trending on Wednesday but I had no idea what it meant until today. (Yaaay , the power of reading)
There is a whole world out there in information and only the ardent reader who is ready to spare 5 mins,20 mins or 1 hour and more will reap the harvest.

I have personally never struggled to read except for books which have a slow start.

According to Paul Busharizi,”The Jews known for their financial savvy,it is said their houses are not complete without a library, oftentimes built over generations.”

My mother’s house has no library just like many other homes in Uganda and possibly Africa at large.Most of my relatives still wonder why I constantly have my nose in a book(Why wouldn`t I??????)

The reading culture was left to the schools our parents took us too however the reading we learnt was to “pass exams.” We were not reading because we enjoyed or liked it for that matter.What happened to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old ,he will not depart from the way?

We can’t hide in social media 24/7,stick to TV ,movies and other entertainment avenues.We need more because there is more.We have the resources, let us foster a growing culture.Fostering is all about baby steps.Find a book you like and start with a page a day and let the habit grow on you.

Check out #UgandaReading a social movement building a strong reading culture in Uganda .(, Twitter:@UgandaReading)

Like Paul Busharizi’s title,it’s time to walk with a book.don’t just walk with it,read it too.

Journey to read today.

Racheal Kizza Ā© 2017


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Digging how at the end of the day, LOVE WINS!”

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Uncertain but relieved. Good but not too good but not bad at the same time. Nonchalant and somber but a bit cool headed and almost almost almost happy but constantly hindered by the fear of the unknown.

Thinking about how Jesus is the bread of life and digging the paradox therein. Bread is what I aspire for and yet bread is what I achieve as the fruit of my toil and thinking how Jesus is who I oughta aspire for and yet Jesus is still who I will be rewarded with! Following that thought however, why do I worry then? Also, does it not say that perfect love is inversely proportional to fear? So, what am I so afraid of then? But nice as it is to know, knowing isnā€™t all it takes!

Broken a little. By biting more hope than I could chew and choking on the realizationā€¦

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Be bold for change

8th March is here and we are celebrating International Women’s day.
The theme for this year is bold for change ;what does this mean for all girls and women out there?

For any change to occur, bold steps have to be made.

Times have changed, as women we have a voice though it is lost in stereotypes ,tradition and other mumbo jumbo.
Don’t get me wrong,I am not against tradition; however I believe in many ways tradition embedded in our culture stands as a blockade for women today.

However, there are women making history each day with what they are doing :some silently ,others on the big screens and receiving worldwide recognition.

I watched the lunch hour news on NTV, there was a story of a one Ms.Kawooya in Luweero who provides a cup of porridge to primary school children.

She decided to take this bold step when she noticed some kids didnt have porridge while others did.And we all know studying on an empty stomach is the worst thing to happen to mankind when in school.
She offered to provide porridge to kids whose parents couldn’t afford the ONLY MEAL they had while at school.

The school has reported an improved performance in last year’s PLE results. She has plans of rearing chicken so she provides each child with an egg in the near future.

Ms.Kawooya doesn’t get paid to do what she does however she has realised that bold steps have to be made for change .

Government can’t ,won’t and will not do everything.
Individuals can change lives if they commit to it right where they are with whatever resources they have.

The reality is,women’s day is going to end and we will have another theme next year.
Question is what will we be doing between now and the next women’s day?Can we make bold and smart steps to be the change we hope for?

The key is in being consistent not just picking up activities and initiatives just because women’s day is here and we need to be seen on social media platforms as doing something.

Be bold for change; join forces with those making bold steps like 40 days 40 smiles, Kyusa,volunteer,give of your time,money and any other resources.

Be consistent in all you commit to do.

#Be bold for change.

Racheal Kizza Ā© 2017