You need him/her

Heart, Love, Romance, Valentine, Romantic, Harmony

As the week winds down and October too runs ahead  to call up November to ready herself….that`s true friendship, when friends look out for one another.

The warmth in my heart is  undeniable as I write this post, I love how my mind flows with my fingers when writing commences. My  fingers type out the mind.“That’s true friendship.’’ The former knows what the latter is capable of.

My besties  Vicks and Mapeti  know what I am capable of especially when it comes to writing and fashion. We have know each other for a number of years now and they know what opportunities look like me. Simply because we have had discussions on everything and nothing while in Posh, over fries, jinja adventures ,chat on which fashion bloggers to follow..Eh!! list is endless. Vicks told me about a writing gig for an online blog-zine Elle Afrique where I have become a contributing writer (

We all need that one friend (or more) who knows what we are all about  and when they see opportunity dressed in any form, they know it belongs to us.

You need him/her

Do your friends know what you are good at? Do they support you while at it because they see how much it has consumed you? As you let your friends know where your heading in life; find out there they are heading too. Know their dreams and  encourage them to reach for them on a daily basis. When you find opportunities that they can benefit from, inform them.

Our friends are our next step to our big breakthrough, they have networks that you might never tap into however that is why they are their…right?hehe

In short, share your dreams with your friends because they unconsciously look out for you when they see an opportunity that will benefit you.They push you towards achieving your dreams, when you don`t think you can do it.

You need him/her





A beckoning

With each tingling tag my emotions are awakened

Awakened to a beckoning –

A beckoning so sweet that if it stopped I would yield anyway

Yield to the beckoning as I desire to taste and see His goodness

A beckoning that expects no `oohs’ and `aaahhs’ but a YES Lord like Isaiah

In Isaiah 5:8 -9, “ whom shall I send and he replies, ` Here am I!”Send me(NKJV)

A meaningful surrender to the author of all times

One not ready to use your vulnerability against you but FOR YOU.

Yield to the beckoning  with a yes, Lord; Yes, Lord!!!!

I yield my will, emotions, uncertainty, purpose, baggage, pain & heartache………..all of it

I yield in total surrender.


Put a P in it





October  has generously swung its doors wide open for me already and I have coined a theme,“Living expectantly.” BECAUSE I AM….

I had a meeting with two amazing ladies(Vicks as I call her and Anitah), amazing writers that have graced this earth in our generation. The meet up was centered on a project we are collaborating on in the writing sphere.

So Anita suggested a visit to the museum *silence* since I personally hadn`t been inside the museum in years. Vicks and I were not up for the idea as there is nothing much to see and write about in our Uganda museum . However, there is something Anita said that for a moment had my mind working on this very piece.

“Go through the museum with a new perspective-a mature perspective, you just might find inspiration.’’

All you need is to put a P in it-Perspective ; which simply means,“ a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.’’

This October set out to put a P in every situation. Have a new perspective on life, your friends, job,Uganda and Africa at large. This will hep us delve into opportunities other than shying away , restore and mend friendships just by seeing things from  different lens.

Don`t get me wrong, this doesn`t mean you forget your principles ,in any case carry them with you however just see things from a different perspective-you will learn something.

Look and live through October with a new perspective and I believe it will be a great month for you.