Can you embrace seasons?

In 2017, I was involved in a terrible accident with my immediate sister and we spent that whole year between hospital and home.

It was January and graduation fever was in the air. My sister was unwell so mother asked me to go with her to Makerere University so she would go through the clearing process. For anyone who has been to Makerere university, you know it’s hilly and within no time, my sister was tired and we had to go back home. We took a boda boda, used the northern bypass to get to Busega and that’s where the accident happened. Our boda guy collided with a car or the other way round. I don`t remember the details to this day.

All I remember is being taken to Mulago hospital and later transferred to Mengo where we attained our treatment. My right leg was badly injured, the leg turned right or out (no pun intended). For anyone who touched it, I felt pain. My sister`s right leg was severely damaged. She was also pregnant but didn`t lose the baby- story for another day. Long story short, we went through the process of treatment, physiotherapy and encouragement. Our doctor, a one Dr. Okello was a constant point of encouragement in that trying time.

It was such a dark season for I as one and for the entire family. I was in-between places emotionally.

Some of the people who visited us in hospital kept on saying, “We can’t wait for your blogs in this season. They’re going to be deep.” Because depth of words is found when the soul is in a dark place. The irony!!

I was on pressure to write and measure up to these expectations. I penned down a few things but I eventually gave up on this endeavor.

We all go through seasons; summer, winter, autumn and spring and Jesus is the maker of them all. Therefore, we need to learn to enjoy each season because we know Who is with us.

In my winter season, only God sustained me. I was mad at God but that never stopped Him from being God. I saw His sustenance through friends who visited us in hospital and at home, bought us food and drinks, friends who gave money, prayed, called in and made sure we laughed.

Enjoying where you`re at is a valuable lesson I learnt during the winter season. Don’t be on pressure to run away from the season, the pain. Find out what God is saying to you. There are lessons in all seasons, find them. A new side of you is revealed, meet her/him. In short, choose your focus.

Even in this season of the Corona virus, it’s a winter season for so many individuals and nations at large. Do what the doctors have said. Keep away from news and conversations that will cause you panic attacks. Rest in God.

This too shall pass.

41 thoughts on “Can you embrace seasons?

  1. Racheal, this post was a blessing 😊. I hope that you are doing well as well as your sister and family. Our winter seasons aren’t easy but very necessary. It teaches us to depend on God, who is all knowing and in Control. P.S. Such a beautiful picture.

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    1. Thank you Queen Karen. Yes, my sister and I are very well, back to work and daily routines. Yeah, winter seasons are necessary.
      Thank you for the compliments on the photo 😊.
      Thank you for being here.
      Stay safe 🤗

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      1. Morning Miss.Kizza. I hope your doing well. So glad to hear that you and your sister are doing well 😊. Stay safe and remain blessed. The Lord is your protector. Plead the blood over your life and your household. Faith over fear 🙌🏿

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  2. This piece reminds me of the song we used to sing in primary school

    “Though the mountains may fall and the hills turn to dust
    Yet the love of the Lord will stand
    As a shelter for all who will call on His name
    Sing the praise and the glory of God“

    Winter seasons better us to like never before. If we stand with and in Him, we get grounded and no other coldness can males fade away

    Thank you Keez

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  3. Thanks for sharing your story, that was quite the experience. Glad to know you and your sister are well and healthy.
    And for the encouragement about the season.
    Abi even I will choose my focus on God 😊

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  4. Tough times have a way of refining us with great testimonies ❤️❤️❤️I’m so glad you and sis healed through it. Thanks for sharing and indeed every season has a purpose, pain is never wasted. May we not miss the purpose for the current season we are in. Sending cyber hugs your way:-) stay safe

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