Taking Stock 10


Making: budgets ,blogs and plans

Eating: muesli and fruits

Drinking: water &yogurt

Reading: the book of Daniel & One day I will write about this place by Wainaina Binyavanga.

Wanting: to travel by plane

Playing: writing games that I invented.

Wasting: no cash

Creating: time to attend events that will add value to me.

Wishing: I could own lots of pairs of boots.

Enjoying: conversations with my friends on money, business, role of social media in business.

Wondering: why fear always gets the best of us😷😷😥😥

Loving: flowers

Hoping:for a flower garden

Marvelling: at how God keeps coming through

Smelling: nothing in particular

Wearing:my new pair of flat boots because this weather is for boots

Following: Sarah Jakes Roberts & Flavia K. Tumusiime

Noticing:how my natural hair has grown longer after keeping it braided for three months.

Knowing: that you can’t criticize what you’re not doing. Period.

Bookmarking: a particular quote from a friend, “Trust God with people and their processes. ”

Feeling: liberated


Fly in July

Love on Love


©RachealKizza 2019


Rest Month

I go to a church called Worship Harvest which currently has 11 locations (follow the FB page for full details)

At Worship Harvest, June is month of rest otherwise known as rest month. It’s a month where we don’t meet for our Missional Communities, choir rehearsals and any other church meetings except Sunday garage.

I have fully utilised June as my month of rest.
I have had time away from my phone ,books (I intentionally didn’t read for two weeks when I was on leave.Instead I caught up on blogs and YouTube channels) and I have spent time with friends plus so many other things.

I finally visited a friend who started a business a while back. I had been promising to visit the site forever.

I have had time with myself, to think and plan for the coming months, assess my friendships, assess the people I allow to speak into my life as well as the people in whose lives I speak into.

I have had time to read up on ideas I had written down and know how to proceed with them. I have visited Fort Portal with friends, held good conversations. I have had extra hours of sleep.

I can confidently say I’m ready for the next half of the year.

With the hustle and bustle of our lives, we need to rest,pause and assess where we are at, oil ourselves for the next journey when fit and in good condition. Rest gives you an opportunity to do more of what is bringing you joy and happiness while cutting out what’s been breaking you, causing you stress and strain.

Have you had time to rest? How do you rest?

©Racheal Kizza 2019

Malakai Eco Lodge

This blog post has been long over due but it`s here now.yaay!!
There are places in Uganda that are intimately beautiful.Do you know what I mean? Places you think about and match them up with love and beautiful sunsets. Malakai eco lodge falls in that category.It is located in Kitende, 300 metres off the Entebbe road, Uganda.


My girls (Vicky and Samantha) and I arrived at Malakai on Saturday 4th May. We were checked into the forest cottage where they added a single bed upon request since we didn`t want to be separated. We couldn`t get over the room. Everything was beautiful and very eco-friendly.

Inside the forest cottage


We sat and talked for hours,ordered pizza and had lots of tea.There pizza is mouth watering. Yummy!! Writing about it makes me hungry.I digress.
We slept in the wee hours of the morning,in time to wish Vicky a happy birthday. We prayed with her and over her new season.


5th May held so much promise. Bookings at Malakai are B & B (bed and breakfast) so we headed out for breakfast in our PJs (Samantha`s idea y`all LOL)We were not ready for the beauty at the serving area. Lots of chairs with hides details, some furniture in small hats, wall paintings and so much more.We couldn`t seem to choose where to sit.We finally settled for chairs which had a carriage like feel. Breakfast comprised of fruit, fresh juice,sausages,bacon,African tea and so much more. It was so good!

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria & Samantha

We later went back to our room, freshened up and took a tour of Malakai.We walked around to the play area,they have a kids play area (how cool is that?) Various rooms located all over the landscape and fashioned uniquely for their unique guests.We left no stone unturned.

We obviously took tons of photos.

L-R: Myself,Queen Victoria & Samantha

Lunch was dope.We ordered for Moroccan rice with coconut, chicken, fries, lamb and fresh juice. It was finger licking good.
We had an amazing time and made lifetime memories celebrating Vicky in a big intimate way!

Website: http://malakaiecolodge.com/

Photo courtesy: All three of us.lol

Tees: by Samantha