When God Breathed

In a cradle that night in the middle of Bethlehem lay a baby whom death could identify as its greatest threat. Of all men born since Cain and Able, the mere birth of Christ inflicted a blow on death that would finally epitomize at the Cross. Surely every time Mary kissed that baby`s face, she kissed the face of God.

Every mind should remember that the heart of Christmas is symbolic of the birth of a relationship sealed at resurrection; we should treasure the night when “God was born”.

Disciples' Youth Fellowship

At the very heart of Christmas lies the pinnacle of the Christian faith, the “Birth of God”. While many celebrate the season with exchange of gift and splendor, perhaps their thoughts sway from the true meaning of Christmas and the mind of God behind it. God being Spirit doesn’t just consist of life, He is life. A man is considered alive when he draws breath, but God gives life, there is no external source of life outside Him.

The hour the Savior was born was the moment that all three realms (Heaven, Earth and the World below- Phil 2:10) felt a significant shift in time. It stood out because it was the hour that God breathed. What an honor to oxygen!!! We often speak of a breath of fresh air, but that night air received freshness. Of all the men that had ever drawn breath, one worthy of doing…

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