Malakai Eco Lodge

This blog post has been long over due but it`s here now.yaay!!
There are places in Uganda that are intimately beautiful.Do you know what I mean? Places you think about and match them up with love and beautiful sunsets. Malakai eco lodge falls in that category.It is located in Kitende, 300 metres off the Entebbe road, Uganda.


My girls (Vicky and Samantha) and I arrived at Malakai on Saturday 4th May. We were checked into the forest cottage where they added a single bed upon request since we didn`t want to be separated. We couldn`t get over the room. Everything was beautiful and very eco-friendly.

Inside the forest cottage


We sat and talked for hours,ordered pizza and had lots of tea.There pizza is mouth watering. Yummy!! Writing about it makes me hungry.I digress.
We slept in the wee hours of the morning,in time to wish Vicky a happy birthday. We prayed with her and over her new season.


5th May held so much promise. Bookings at Malakai are B & B (bed and breakfast) so we headed out for breakfast in our PJs (Samantha`s idea y`all LOL)We were not ready for the beauty at the serving area. Lots of chairs with hides details, some furniture in small hats, wall paintings and so much more.We couldn`t seem to choose where to sit.We finally settled for chairs which had a carriage like feel. Breakfast comprised of fruit, fresh juice,sausages,bacon,African tea and so much more. It was so good!

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria & Samantha

We later went back to our room, freshened up and took a tour of Malakai.We walked around to the play area,they have a kids play area (how cool is that?) Various rooms located all over the landscape and fashioned uniquely for their unique guests.We left no stone unturned.

We obviously took tons of photos.

L-R: Myself,Queen Victoria & Samantha

Lunch was dope.We ordered for Moroccan rice with coconut, chicken, fries, lamb and fresh juice. It was finger licking good.
We had an amazing time and made lifetime memories celebrating Vicky in a big intimate way!


Photo courtesy: All three of

Tees: by Samantha


Royal Sisterhood 2019: Harnessing Influence

This year’s Women`s day was special to me for a number of reasons. One reason was – Royal sisterhood. I had always wanted to attend the Royal sisterhood gathering held at Worship Harvest Naalya but never got around to it. This year I got to be apart,thanks to a friend who decided to sponsor me even though I had put it in my budget😂😂. Surely God was speaking, right or right??!!

This year`s theme was,“Harnessing Influence’’ and the speakers did the theme justice right from Cindy Adong who talked abit about skin care to Eunice Adubango ,Beatrice Byemanzi and lastly Moses Mukisa. There was soothing music from Charlene and her crew. This gurl can siiiinnnnngggggggg y’all.

Anyway, since many people were asking for snippets of what was shared, this is me laboring to share a 3 hour event into a few words.

Cindy Adong a make- up artist emphasized the need to invest in good skin care products and make up products.

Eunice Adubango shared her story and one quote stood out for me

“You are the light of the world. When light is switched it asserts itself ‘’ –For some reason the scripture reference of this quote made me think hard on it. When I walk into my room and turn on the light,it doesn`t light just a few areas of the room,it asserts itself everywhere,unashamed.

Beatrice Byemanzi

Bee 3 kicked off her session with asking ladies for the meaning of harnessing .The answer we settled for was harnessing means to make use of. In our context, making use of your influence.

Make use of your influence but remember it starts from within. You can`t add new wine to old wine skins, they will burst. Why? Because they don`t have the capacity for the new one. In the same way, you need to shade off the old thinking patterns, the old rhythms of your life and create new ones that will help you make use of your influence. Stop playing small, the world needs to hear your voice. (Scripture reference Luke 6:36-39)

Practical exercises from Bee3 that you can do at home.

Do you think you have influence over anyone?, How far have you seen yourself go with your influence?, 5 categories of people you have influence over

Mosze`s sharing was titled Honey we are expecting-Luke 1:39-45

He left us with questions to ponder on during the session and for life;

1.Do you know the value of what you`re carrying? (Luke 1:42-45)

Many times we never know the value of what we are carrying and I am a culprit,I get torn between knowing and forgetting and people always jolt me out of the not knowing phase. Mosze admonished us to be super encouragers, call out greatness in others.

2.Are you choosing the right environment for your baby?

When you know the value of what you`re carrying, you choose you`re environment carefully. Find people of like minds, people who have been where you want to go, People who cheer your dream on.

3.Have you made the decision to carry your baby to full term?

There was no doubt people were stirred up to think practically about harnessing their potential in whatever fields of work and stages of life they are at.

PS: Take note of the scriptures and go back to your room and eat them .Answer the questions embedded in this article not for me but for yourself and go ahead and harness your influence.

Photo credit: Worship Harvest Ministries

©Racheal Kizza 2019

What’s it like to be good to yourself?

Valentine`s day is here and I am stuck with a question, “What’s it like to be good to yourself?” Can you paint a picture?

self care 4

Before you need and want someone to be good to you, are you good to you?

Do you treat you right? Do you treat you with respect?

Do you like your presence? Do you love you with all your failures,mistakes mixed with greatness?

Do you buy you gifts? Do you take yourself out on dates?

self care 3

Do you enjoy your laughter? Do you like you?

Are you patient with you? Are you kind to you?

Do you celebrate you? Do you have some me time to rejuvenate?

Do you pray for you? Do you encourage you?

Do you buy you flowers,chocolates and everything nice you desire?

self care 2

As you celebrate Valentine’s day, I ask again, what’s it like to be good to yourself?

Paint a picture for me of this in the comment section.

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