Sudden Happenings#2

As i penned my final exams in may 2014,i knew i wanted 5 months of rest because i felt i had exhausted every fiber of my body and now pampering  was my new agenda.

Suddenly ,i was offered an internship placement at Kyusa!!!!!Pampering was not top priority anymore .

I didn`t pray for the internship placement to come that soon; i wanted it to come after my 5 months of pampering .funny!huh??Sudden happenings don`t have a looming mark of arrival; they just drop like atomic bombs in world war 11. When they drop , it`s either happiness or sadness.

Good things happen when we least expect them.It`s like praying for something to happen in a month and it happens months later .By this time, you have probably forgotten  and lost heart.Then suddenly, the answer comes your way bringing fulfillment and joy.

Luke 18:1 emphasizes that, “men ought to pray and not lose heart.”But what happens when i receive what i have prayed for; do i still need to pray?

Prayer is not about God granting your requests but it`s about intimacy with the Father.The giver of the answer is more important than the answer.The relationship with the giver of the answers is very important and must be given utmost attention . 

Intimacy is irrespective of whether i get an answer in prayer or not.Intimacy with God can never be substituted for anything.In any case,intimacy with God ought to be a priority at all frontiers.

Know whom you have believed in and let prayer be a lifestyle ;not a one off when you  feel you need more of God because you lack tuition, food, transport, and other needs.

God loves you so much that even before you ask for anything He already knows and you know what-He has already provided. Learn and study the word of God  in order to embrace His principles .


One size fits all??

If you are a lady you must be familiar with this term, “one size fits all’ when it comes to clothes. However, I have come to the realization that one size doesn`t fit all. As we embrace different seasons in our lives, we must embrace them with the motto, ‘one size will never fit all.’’

This is the reason why clothes have various sizes. It is not because they have variety of materials  but simply because some sizes flatter certain bodies and others don`t. Shoemakers know this too well and diversify shoe sizes too.

Being a 20 something girl in this 21st century is hard or people make it hard on us. Our sengas (local word for aunt) hammer us with the “get married’ now talk. They go ahead to set conditions of what kind of man you should bring home, how the wedding and traditional function should be. They mean well however, they must know one size doesn`t fit all. There is a time and season to all things.

Ecclesiastes“ to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.’’NKJV

If the people around you think you are ripe for marriage, certain opportunities…..what does God say not think? SAY

Since we finished campus in 2014, some of my friends have been married, others have babies and some are travelling like their middle name is travel .Oh did I mention, that some have THE jobs to die for. I am genuinely happy for them and I don`t want to be unsettled by their seasons neither should you be.

Ecclesiastes 3: 11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.’’ NKJV

Embrace the fact that God has made all things beautiful in HIS TIME .

Be happy in your size and don`t try making it work for others nor should you try other people`s sizes. Be content in your own skin, size, time and season .

One  size will never fit all……