Last week I was feeling overwhelmed , fatigued and downcast , I needed to know that someone is praying for me. I felt like Mary Jane or is it Lois Lane sheltering all the issues of a one Clark Kent who is allegedly a superhero.

I got to a friend and asked him to uphold me in prayer because I just didn`t trust my prayers alone to hold me. Funny ,huh!!!

My energy was zapped at the tick of the clock that all i could murmur were scriptures like “By YOUR stripes i am healed.” Not the stripes of a zebra but of the sovereign LORD.

A friend sent through a couple of songs i had asked from him and there was a song i had not requested for but blessed me and i had it on replay. Let your power fall by James Fortune & Fiya featuring Zacardi Cortez. Powerful song and it ministered to me that morning when my body was feeling week and my spirit was weary.

The pain left my body and my spirit was jump started to praise and tongues overflowed.There was an over flow in my spirit and i was rejuvenated.

I declared in space that God had won again because no battle is too hard for my Father. He has won every battle for ME and You. You need to believe it until it sinks into your spirit and penetrates your souls and flesh.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Have the word on replay until your faith is built.



Late last year, I enrolled for a mentoring class which kicked off in January 2016. It is dubbed New Generation Mentoring Program and it run for 6 months being a pilot class by the profound lady- Noeline Kirabo,a coach and mentor.  

“The program aims at developing outstanding female leaders. It is an experiential program that nurtures holistic development and equipping of women for kingdom service in the market place.”

The program was action packed, as we had class each Tuesday,had outings in restaurants, Children`s homes,workshops and much more which all nurtured a holistic experience. Do good Tuesdays and gift sharing were my favorite as I had a chance to practice generosity on every front and make it a culture.

In January alone,I read 3 books *claps for self*, 3 books which included As a man thinketh by James Allen, Jonathan Seagull by Richard Bach and The Birth Order Book by Dr.Kevin Lehman. I had never read that many books outside a literature class  that alone was my first development.

The Birth Order Book was one of my highlights as it helped me nurture a healthy relationship with my siblings . Previously, I wanted them to do things my way , I never appreciated their efforts because they didn`t measure up to mine. The book taught me that it is okay to be different , that is what makes us special. I enjoy my siblings better now because I know they will never  cook, clean, laugh, cry, skip, dance nor think like me. (that would be boring ). They are each unique and highly opinionated,therefore I must respect them especially their opinions.

The program came to an end in June and I can confidently say those were the most amazing 6 months ever. Each Tuesday I looked forward to NGMP as we had coined it and to our darling teacher of Tuesday. I have certainly been transformed into  person who is enthusiastic about life ,leadership and influence and the dreams I have. The program aimed at

My role now is to also take on a group of ladies and mentor them as I have been mentored and allow them discover who they are and live out their full potential as they achieve their dreams.

I encourage you to enroll for the upcoming  classes in January 2017(New Generation Mentoring Program) for growth is not by accident ,it is intentional.

One size fits all??

If you are a lady you must be familiar with this term, “one size fits all’ when it comes to clothes. However, I have come to the realization that one size doesn`t fit all. As we embrace different seasons in our lives, we must embrace them with the motto, ‘one size will never fit all.’’

This is the reason why clothes have various sizes. It is not because they have variety of materials  but simply because some sizes flatter certain bodies and others don`t. Shoemakers know this too well and diversify shoe sizes too.

Being a 20 something girl in this 21st century is hard or people make it hard on us. Our sengas (local word for aunt) hammer us with the “get married’ now talk. They go ahead to set conditions of what kind of man you should bring home, how the wedding and traditional function should be. They mean well however, they must know one size doesn`t fit all. There is a time and season to all things.

Ecclesiastes“ to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.’’NKJV

If the people around you think you are ripe for marriage, certain opportunities…..what does God say not think? SAY

Since we finished campus in 2014, some of my friends have been married, others have babies and some are travelling like their middle name is travel .Oh did I mention, that some have THE jobs to die for. I am genuinely happy for them and I don`t want to be unsettled by their seasons neither should you be.

Ecclesiastes 3: 11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.’’ NKJV

Embrace the fact that God has made all things beautiful in HIS TIME .

Be happy in your size and don`t try making it work for others nor should you try other people`s sizes. Be content in your own skin, size, time and season .

One  size will never fit all……

My BAYC story

“Racheal you will moderate,”said Peter kamese in a Bayc planning meeting in 2014.

There was an ongoing discussion concerning moderators for BAYC.

On hearing my name suggested(it wasn’t suggested hihihi, it was sealed for that year)I wanted every pit in the world to swallow me so i wouldn’t attend Bayc that year and moderate.

Apart of me was excited but the other half was scared to the core. No one in the room seemed to see nor discern my fears…hehehe

That year  Bay c reached sooner than I anticipated and I had to moderate with Marc tugume who in my view was a pro in this game.

The first time  was awkward for me however the waters had been stirred and my gifting was being cultivated by the grace of God. I desire each young person to discover what their gift is so they grow in their purpose and calling.

Each year I get better in my various giftings through the various DYF(Disciples Youth Fellowship) platforms.

Bayc provided me an opportunity to grow in my gift as a leader ,speaker ,mentor.. the list is endless.

Each year i look forward to Bayc because it isn’t about me but about God and His people.

God meets each individual who in return influences another person at Bayc and outside Bayc.

Looking forward to a fun filled bayc full of growth for me this year at Seroma.

As we fundraise for Bayc through the run on 16th july .plan to be apart.

Fee is 10,000/= for adults and 5000/= for kids.

Bayc (Bugolobi Annual Youth Conference )is an opportunity for the DYF family to grow as they share what God is doing in our family while influencing as a family.


A letter to Poverty

Dear poverty,

I am really being nice to you considering the fact that you have been nothing close to nice to ME.You have clad me with impoverishment over the years and one would think you would forgive me after living in my family tree tracing back to over 50 or more years.

I never understood why i preferred to stay with you than with your sworn enemy -giving.

I tried my hand at giving out clothes but you, YES, you convinced me that others would rock them better than myself. did I mention you cause jealousy and envy too?

Like a disgruntled child afraid of her mother, I gave in to your pleas.

I tried my hand again because in Uganda , you just don`t give up.You keep trying until you get it right. This time determined to share my knowledge of what i have learned in my short 20 something years, and BOOM!! I heard you yet again whisper silently but firmly ,“others will be better than you.”

Tired of going through the same circle, I purposed to seek something better , make new friends who understood me and my desire to give and share.

Image result for poverty cliparts

Love found me and whispered softly to me,“giving is life. Generosity is repentance from poverty.”

Give without holding back of all you have ranging from time, clothes, books, knowledge, smiles, acts of service, money, talent, listening ear………

We are all rich and ought to share our wealth with the world.

Your once faithful servant,


June reminder#1

We are 8 days into June, half way the year already!!! I am amazed at all the things I have accomplished but most especially the ones yet to be accomplished. I feel like the year is playing the “catch me if you can” game.

I love new beginnings and I am definitely excited about June because it is another opportunity to see the goodness of God and still achieve every goal that seems far fetched even when you are a Messi of sorts.

Over the past 5 months, I have heard good news from my friends about what is happening in their lives . Some are getting married, others are having babies or have had babies, slots for job promotions, new job status, business start ups, taking on new personal development goals , travel goals………….list is endless.

I am genuinely happy and excited when i get a phone call or message with such news.However, when your stuff is seemingly not working out , you fail to be happy for others. You just can`t see past your pain and failure. I have been there and i know that feeling TOO WELL.

Don`t allow your  raging storm to cloud your shine. Purpose to be genuinely happy for others and know that the sun will shine on you just like it shone on your friends. You might just be the sun in the lives of others even when your storm is raging.

Let your June be about you and other people. Smile through that storm and know it is for a season. Be genuinely happy for other people even when your all is breaking loose.

Revelations 12;11“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.”

I am encouraged when i hear what is happening in other people`s lives.

Be encouraged for He is the same God. Don`t give up, keep achieving every set goal and enjoy life while at it. 

Desire to hear other people`s testimonies , there is underlying encouragement and rejuvenation.

What is your handicap?

 Stock Photo - Disability medical message background. Fotosearch - Search Stock Images, Poster Photographs, Pictures, and Clip Art PhotosSome weeks ago I was alighting off a coaster when i noticed a blind man trying to find his way out but he was hitting the wrong door. I helped him to the right door and right outside, his son was waiting on him so they could walk home together.

I had seen this blind man several times as we walked to get taxis to work and his daughter or son held his arm always. His blindness didn’t seem to affect them and him much. Life was “normal.”

Every time I have seen people with disabilities, immediately I take pity on them and my heart runs out to them.

 Myles Monroe in his book, Understanding your potential reveals that, your body doesn’t limit your potential.

We all have handicaps; some are physical ,mental and others emotional……..

Nick Vujicic is a man born without limbs and that has not limited his ability nor potential.

“ Nick writes with two toes on his left foot and a special grip that slid onto his big toe. He knows how to use a computer and can type up to 45 words per minute using the “heel and toe” method. He has also learned to throw tennis balls, play drum pedals, get a glass of water, comb his hair, brush his teeth, answer the phone and shave, in addition to participating in golf, swimming, and even sky-diving.”

In 2005, Phiona Mutesi was a nine-year-old living in the Katwe slum and her father had died of Aids when she was three and her mother cared for Phiona and her three siblings by selling maize.

The family could not afford to send her to school, so she could not read or write and every day was a battle.

One day she approached a Christian charity in Kampala called the Sports Outreach Ministry. Phiona did not care about sport, she was more interested in getting some free porridge it was distributing.

At the mission, she discovered chess – a game that has no word in her native language.(

Phiona`s handicaps were physical,her environment dictated what she ought to be however, she never allowed her handicaps to limit her potentials.

 What is your handicap?what is disabling you? Whatever your perceived handicap, you must never allow your true potential to become a victim of the limitations of your physical body or environment.
Reach beyond grasp.your body is not your full potential.

Look out for the movie Queen of Katwe based on Phiona`s story and also a book by Tim Crothers on Amazon titled -The Queen of Katwe: A story of Life,chess,and one Extraordinary Girl`s Dream of Becoming a Grand master.