His Assessment-My belief


The bible is full of what God has ordained us to be as we live here on earth. However, life can knock you down -off your feet and all you want is to stay down because a situation dictates it.

I have endured hard knocks that not even Muhammad Ali`s strategy could keep me till the end of the game. I have known pain so deep all I could do was mutter Abba father under my breathe. Pain caused by envy since your classmates seem to be up the ladder and your constantly playing catch up, your life has no meaning -“seemingly.’’You seem to be facing hardships at every level of your life and you hate yourself all the more.

God reminds me that I am His own, created for His good purpose  endowed with potential; potential embedded so deep, that it will take drawing out to reveal it.

I am much more than I expect from myself.

God has created you and me to dominate and not be dominated; Let us walk in  our authority. Dominion is ours.

God believes we can do it then we definitely have the capability .Stop feeling inadequate , worthless and out of time. Remember you are working on the timing of God, understand His season for your life.

I choose to align myself to His assessment and believe it day and night.

His assessment is ,you are courageous, you have the fruit of the spirit-joy, peace, love, kindness; you are favored, your potential is limitless, you are a winner and a victor.

Stop believing what others have said about you simply because you failed that history or math paper, you are better than that. Don`t let your past about you cloud your future.

Stop believing what people say about you and know God`s assessment about you and go on and BELIEVE it.


Make plans:set goals

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We can`t go through life without planning.

The discipline starts from home when we plan for meals,compiling a to do list for the day , as one goes shopping in the market, etc

God expects us  to plan out our visions and how to achieve them in order to actually achieve them.

If you must go somewhere, you should have a plan and clarity of vision is a great way to start .

Plans according to Myles Monroe are, documented imaginations. If you can document an imagination, you`ve developed a plan for action.”

You will agree with me that life gets busy and deadlines set in that  we lose site of our plans which accelerates into forgetfulness and  loss of enthusiasm. It is important to keep site of the goals and plans made.

If you must, keep them as your painting by your bedside.Chart them out  so they are the first and last thing you see when you get up.

Besides making plans and setting goals, your plans must be reviewed on a daily basis to allow your imagination run wild and make achieving of the dream a reality.

Let your plans consume you ……..

If you don`t set goals , there will be no real progress. You will end up disoriented, disillusioned, misguided and frustrated .

Allow your mind to run wild as you become the Leonardo da Vinci of your future; carving out a smile at each milestone by growing the discipline of making plans and setting goals.


Coca cola has a very interesting tagline,“open a coke, open happiness.” In other words,unless you uncap a coke bottle, you cannot enjoy its contents nor experience happiness…hehehe

Uncap is defined as removing a limit or restriction.…Therefore remove whatever lids and restrictions you have put on your potential so you share happiness with the world.

There things that clog our wells stalling the God ordained order; our well springs and fountains are disrupted forcing us to lose the excellence we ought to exude. Well clogs could include peer pressure, sex and drug addictions, low self esteem, negative self talk, poor parenting , among others.

These clogs cap our limitless potential and they put a seal where there ought to be no seal.

God in His wisdom , as an omnipotent father has given us a part of Him and desires we function with no caps on. So how dare we allow our wells of potential to be clogged, under utilized???

We must not put a ceiling where its an open roof. Allow room for growth, creativity and expansion. Unclog every well and dig deep to generate the best and be the best.

In order to  to get the cream, we need to unclog our wells through choosing to remain attached to the source-God. In John 14:26“ But the helper the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, He will teach you all things..” NKJV

Allow the holy spirit to dig out your potential, work with Him because He alone is your guaranteed Helper.

``Remember what you see is merely a shadow of your potential.” Myles Monroe

Trash to treasure

Life is a hustle and bustle and it is easy to forget what beautiful looks like.We merely look but don`t see,everything seems to be running across as if in a fanfare or is it us doing the running?

There is beauty is all things in the midst of  life`s circus.In order to create beauty out of ashes, a bird out of wood, dress out of nothing,then we must intentionally stop, see and create.

We all have creative genes by virtue of the God who created us. He made us in HIS OWN IMAGE. The image which is comprised of creativity and innovation.We are mineral mines with potential to display all minerals that you can think of or imagine.

In my senior two, i had a plain black vest and a number of colored buttons thus qualifying as a collector of things. I keep broken earrings, chains, tattered clothes with a vision of re-creating. Back to my story, I decided to attach my colored buttons to my plain black vest and i loved it even more though not more than my friends . They wondered and asked where i bought the vest from and on telling them i re-created  it ,they had the “shut up and get out of here ” look.

Creativity will be birthed from us when we stop and challenge ourselves to create and re-create. We cannot say we have no resources; resources are at our disposal all year round. How come people are recycling plastics and making valuable material out of them? Look at the artists who use bottles in their art and we pay lump-sums of money for their creativity.

Look around and you will see value in those tyres, broken cups, maize combs, broken jewellery, tattered clothes…..see value in trash.

Give your mind time to think and create because the longer you keep at the creativity game, the more your mind goes wild and bursts with ideas.

You need to intentionally stop, see and create. 

What are you creating?

Treasure chest

“Potential is….dormant ability…reserved power…untapped strength…unused success…hidden talents…capped capability.”

All you can be but have not yet become …all you can do but have not yet done..how far you can reach but have not yet reached what you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished.”…#extract from Understanding your potential -Myles Monroe

I once thought that potential is realized strength until i met up with Myles Monroe`s book,Understanding potential where he highlights that potential is untapped strength. In simple terms, what you have not yet done as opposed to what we believe that potential is what is already done.

As human beings, we are like treasure chests with lots of gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds and pearls. Every occasion forces or requires us to open the treasure chest and produce a certain kind of stone. Each stone represents untapped potential that is awaiting to be manifested, displayed.

However, for so long we have been led to believe we are worthless and possess no treasure chests.But potential is in all men and we must work day and night not to rob the world of our greatness.

Rob is such a strong word and the Oxford Advanced Learner`s Dictionary defines it as, “ to take property from a person or place illegally.” Hinge onto the source of all potential -God Himself who enables you to you utilize all potential within you.

That is how much God treasures the potential that is within you because you are a co-creator each time your treasure chest is unveiled; you show off a creative aspect of God.

Think about the great inventors of pads, bras and other undergarments for both men and women; how would the feminine world be ? for more on history of the sanitary towel (http://www.femmeinternational.org/the-blog/the-history-of-the-sanitary-pad).They bestowed on us their gifts.

To bestow means to present something as a gift to someone, according to Oxford Learner`s Dictionary

You have power to change the course of the automobile world, fashion world, education system…..

You have potential and are highly gifted.Are you bestowing on the world your gift?

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What makes you smile…

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i too wanted so much to be accepted that i lost myself in it(i relate with this piece)

The Nifeminist Blog

Diversity...the world would be a beautiful place if only we accepted rather than rejected it.:

  •  Photo by Schlegel Doyle

“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage

A beautiful  guest post by Wariebge Tina, read and enjoy 🙂

Another day, another life

I wake up to another farce of life

Wishing for the things I never had

Forgetting the things I have acquired

One of the things I have always wanted in my life

Is acceptance

Acceptance from my family

Acceptance from people

Later I realized all was vain

Some will only love when it’s beneficial

Some will love you for who you are

One doesn’t have to be loved by all

A day will come I know

When the only thing I will find is happiness

Happiness from within

©Wariegbe Tina

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