Day 15 of #BOTY2019: Person You Met

We are on day 15 and I`m celebrating coming this far in the #BOTY2019 challenge by keeping it short.

I reconnected with Peace ,a friend from high school at a hospital where my mother was admitted. She is a nurse ,not at the hospital,but the nursing school of the hospital. I was looking for certain things my mum needed when we met. She offered to give them to me like it was nothing. I was elated and speechless at the same time. Peace went a step further to come and check on my mum. She will definitely make the best of nurses.

The other person is K. The humor and sarcasm K has is for the Commonwealth. lol. PS;K if you see this,ignore it and drink your coffee.

I`m excited to read in the comment section who made it to your best person you met in 2019 list.




Day 14 of #BOTY2019: Blog post

The blogshere is full of creatives who are blogging about their travels,food,fashion and beauty,lifestyle, and so much more. I get to learn and be inspired from Uganda.How cool is that? With that said,here are some of my favorite blog posts from 2019;

Blog post: Pregnancy; A journey of Myriad discoveries.

Cynthia gives us a peak into her pregnancy journey. I loved this article because its bold and unashamed. I love how Cynthia connects sex ,pregnancy with God,giving us a full view of how great God is. The bible verses and the encouragement hints are an icing to an already tasty cake. Here is a link to the article-

Blog post 2: If I Were A boy

This is a blog series by Josephyina. I love it because I love stores and she gives me this each year.She releases a chapter  of  If I Were A Boy  series each week and we are now on chapter 19,read on and tell me what you think.

Blog post 3: The Tall Ghost

I love everything Bikozulu writes. For today,I have chosen The Tall Ghost .If you like and understand sarcasm,Biko Zulu is your guy.

From my own writing,its got to be my birthday blog These lessons reveal different seasons of my life. Seasons which have stories which birthed the lessons.

Please share with me blog posts you`ve read and loved. I will be sure to check them out.


Day 13 of #BOTY2019: Lesson learned

I have come to believe that there are lessons laced in every person,situation, and whatever we go through. The lesson could be good or bad. Question for you the reader,are there bad lessons?

This year in November,I turned 28,such a big number. I blogged about my lessons here-

From that blog, my biggest lesson,turned mantra is ,Don`t criticize what you aren`t  doing and can`t do. Appreciate the fact that someone woke up and did their thing. Hope you are doing yours too.

I`m curious to know what lessons 2019 has offered you. Please share in the comment section.

Day 12 of #BOTY2019: Achievement

Achievement is defined as a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.

This year,I embarked on offsetting certain bills at home. My mother was happy about it and so was I. I believe in Uganda,this is a sign of maturity. I have paid those bills with effort,skill and courage (Pun intended).This definitely is my biggest achievement. I have desired to do it for a long time and to be able to do it,is everything.One of the service providers,named me best customer. LOOL!!

I colored my hair.Yes,its an achievement in my self care goals.

I attended a content creation workshop by Kahill Insights– a Christian based boutique Content Development and Marketing company with a freelance project-based business model. As an online content creation distribution agency that uses influencers for online marketing.

The last achievement goes to my being consistent with #BOTY2019 challenge. We are on day 12 and I`m still blogging. Wow,just wow!

Share some of your 2019 achievements with me. I celebrate you already.You`ve come this far. Congratulations.

Day 11 of #BOTY2019: Purchase

Dear readers,

I must confess,I woke up with little energy for writing, simply because I feel lazy. Not sure where to place the blame,I will go with Christmas mood.My body is ready to rest for a while.

My best purchase is no brainer-books. I have added a number of titles to my African authors book collection.

Second best purchase,tees from Hweza Creations. I love tees with words, and Hweza Creations gets me. Read about Hweza Creations –



What has been your best purchase this year?



Day 10 of #BOTY2019: News Story

This has been the hardest to work on. I went back and forth,trying to remember which news story caught my attention this year and why. These three news stories stood out for me.Africans went onto the global stage and showed off-in a the most brilliant way possible.

Miss South Africa 2019 winning Miss Universe 2019

Zozibini Tunzi

Solomon Serwanjja won  the 2019 BBC World News Komla Dumor Award. Ugandan investigative reporter and news anchor at Uganda’s NBS TV, where he hosts one of the channel’s prime-time shows.


My friend Noeline Kirabo,founder of Kyusa,spoke at TEDWomen 2019:Bold + Brilliant in California. 



What News Story caught your attention this year-good or bad?

Day 9 of #BOTY2019: Drink

When 2019 began, I made a healthy living resolution. One of the things I vowed to do was zumba, stay away from processed drinks,stay away from junk and processed foods. I went ahead and  cut out soda and her sisters and cousins and maintained a glass of wine once in a while. I did Zumba for a while until I got busy and turned to walking more than ever.

I`m a tea person and this has been my go to drink this year.I couple my tea with mukwano tea bags,Kericho gold tea bags (they have a variety of spices),Kisubi ginger,and try out other tea spices to keep it fresh and exciting.


What has been your go to drink this year?

Day 8 of #BOTY2019: Meal/Food/Cuisine

I am a foodie-a person with a particular interest in food. An adventurous foodie who always tries out new dishes and her stomach goes unharmed.

This year ,I tried out the shawarma and I was disappointed. I felt the spices were undecided and no one wants to eat food that has indecisive spices-at least not me. Ugandan spices are very distinct and straight to the point.

I had a girls night out with one of my best friends at Torino Bar and Restaurant in Kololo (Kampala-Uganda). I ordered for  sizzling Chinese pork and potato wedges ,while she ordered for chicken biryani. The food was mouth watering.The potato wedges had been dipped in sweet cream-my guess,because they were sweet and extra.The chicken biryani was to die for and had huge pieces of chicken-Christmas came early. The band played ballads to soothe our souls and  got us swaying as we enjoyed our meal and conversation.

Potato wedges,chicken biryani but sizzling pork is MIA

Are you an adventurous foodie like myself? What`s been your favorite meal this year?

Day 7 of #BOTY2019: Experience

I have 1000 experiences that have qualified to be on my #BOTY2019 ward list. I could talk about them until the cows come home.

Experience one is courtesy of my work place-African Writers Trust. What an experience it has been working with a place that agrees with my passion and calling. I love going to work each day-no lie!!

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Twitter & Instagram: Trustawt

Experience two was on adulting 101.I promised to pay for Ann (baby sister in O-level),for a school trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park. I totally forgot about it until Ann called me in tears. I had to find that money and fulfill my promise. I think I took the trophy home,for best sister in the world(sorry Ronnet and Joy. Work hard in 2020)

Experience three goes to hangouts with my girlfriends.You ladies bring balance to my busy life.You bring laughter,heat,crazy,prayer and so much more.2019 wouldn`t have been the same without you. Keep the dates coming in 2020.

Experience four goes to joining the #BOTY2019 challenge. What a way to end the year!!

Share with me some of your best experiences from 2019.

Day 6 of #BOTY2019: Album

What is an album?

According to Collins dictionary,An album is a collection of songs that is available for download, or as a CD or record. You can also refer to the CD or record as an album.

On that note, the award goes to;

Long Live Love -Kirk Franklin

This man is a musical genius and this album speaks and shows that off . The lyrical content is rich,the instrumentals and melodies are to die for. I love every song and I`ve had the album on replay since I got it.

How can it be that you love the most unlovable part of me, of me?
How could you see your life was the only gift I’ll ever need to be free?
It’s amazing with you, I win even if I lose
Everything’s working for my good for always
He saved the day
He will come through
He won’t doubt, that’s not what super heroes do (Hallelujah)
No greater love makes my heart beat
All I wanna do is make you proud of me (that’s why)
-Love Theory
Sanyu by Sanyu
Sanyu is one of the best albums I`ve listened to this year. Every song has a story to tell and my favorite off the album is Beauty but again,I like all the 10 songs. She has mad vocal strength. If you love India Arie, like me,you will love everything about Sanyu.
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Share with me your best album this year.