Day 12 of #BOTY2019: Achievement

Achievement is defined as a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.

This year,I embarked on offsetting certain bills at home. My mother was happy about it and so was I. I believe in Uganda,this is a sign of maturity. I have paid those bills with effort,skill and courage (Pun intended).This definitely is my biggest achievement. I have desired to do it for a long time and to be able to do it,is everything.One of the service providers,named me best customer. LOOL!!

I colored my hair.Yes,its an achievement in my self care goals.

I attended a content creation workshop by Kahill Insights– a Christian based boutique Content Development and Marketing company with a freelance project-based business model. As an online content creation distribution agency that uses influencers for online marketing.

The last achievement goes to my being consistent with #BOTY2019 challenge. We are on day 12 and I`m still blogging. Wow,just wow!

Share some of your 2019 achievements with me. I celebrate you already.You`ve come this far. Congratulations.


8 thoughts on “Day 12 of #BOTY2019: Achievement

  1. Congratulations!! Some achievements; I did acrylic nails this year for my first time and dared to baby step into content creation, am loving the journey so far. Also I like your BOTY posts so far, about to catch up on the earlier ones.

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    1. Thank you Anita. Congrats on the acrylic nails,hope you are enjoying them. Welcome to the content creation world.
      Thank you for reading up on my #BOTY2019 ppostsI hope you can jump on this ship too.


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