Taking Stock 12

Ever woken up with the `I​`​m tired ,I don`t want to write anymore feeling? Well,I have.My September had me in that mood thus the absence. I promised to write in October but here we are in November,making an entry with Taking Stock 12. Read up and take stock with me.


Making: no plans

Eating: lots of  fruits

Drinking: tea because the rainy season is upon us

Reading: Strength of Character by Joseph Kabuleta. A must read.

Wanting: more of God

Playing: mind games

Wasting: no time

Creating: time to grow my writing skill.A collaboration with a cool photographer is coming up.

Wishing: 30th November comes quickly

Enjoying : friends,the new season of my life & books

Wondering: about my November

Loving: spiritual things

Hoping: for a spectacular November

Marvelling: at spiritual things

Smelling: my coconut kiss fragrance body mist

Wearing:my natural hair out with a hint of tint.I finally gave in to the beckoning of colored hair. I did it!!

Following: Rabbi Daniel Malinga. His fellowship(Atmosphere of Revelation) happens every Friday at 6:00pm at Silver Springs hotel, Bugolobi. He is a teacher of the word and I’m happy to learn from him.

Noticing: the shift in seasons,my mindset

Knowing: I`m deeply loved by God

Bookmarking: nothing in particular

Feeling: amazing. 2019 is about to come to a close.Hello 2020,I`m ready.Lol

I loved this painting  at Protea Hotel by Marriott-Kampala Skyz,Naguru


Let go in November,

Love on Love


Photo credit: IZZY MEDIA UG https://web.facebook.com/256IzzyMedia/


©RachealKizza 2019



6 thoughts on “Taking Stock 12

  1. I have woken up so many times with that feeling of not feeling like writing (I journal ) so many times , I used to fight that feeling , i dont anymore because it’s a feeling & it fades ,sometimes I look through my old journals to.find hope & a reason to journal again , sometimes i find it other times am discouraged & in despair sooo I give myself to the process & in the end I find myself back at it again …
    I call my journal letters to my father among others … ,!! 😊

    Loving :God & His people
    Thankful : For the hand of God on.my life from.day 1
    Thinking ; how He’s been training /preparing me & still is for the journey ahead
    Trying : To obey him in the small mundane acts
    Praying : To be led of Him & submit/surrender To the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    Hoping : A new dawn
    Waiting : On God.

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