African Writers’ Reception With Novelist, Okey Ndibe

Random Thoughts of Shadray


He said to me, “There’s been a bank robbery and you fit the description.” Imagine the magnitude of those words as told to a person who has just spent just two weeks in America for the first time. By none other than a cop.

Now that’s a glimpse into the confusion and shock Okey Ndibe experienced as he stood face to face with an American officer on the street as he was being mistaken for a suspect in a bank robbery which he didn’t participate in nor had any idea that it had even happened. I haven’t even told you yet about how he couldn’t look the officer in the eye just because his Nigerian uncle, riding on cowboy Hollywood fanaticism had told him that it was great a sin payable by death if you looked an American in the eye. Gun slinging.

I definitely cannot tell you…

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