Letter to the women left behind

Ladies “May you learn that pain and suffering are not and should not be a rite of passage to your femininity. You are not a rehabilitation centre of poorly raised men, as a wise woman once said,bad communicators who can’t give you the basics like loyalty, honor and the respect you deserve.’


I have had my share of failed relationships, flings annndddd wait for it “assumptionships”.

Yes. You read right: An assumed relationship. Growing up, I have found myself dating or seeing guys who enjoy the benefits that come with ‘being seen’ but aren’t really committed to me or ready for relationships.

This guy talks about exclusivity, behaves like a boyfriend, shares intimate moments with you until he suddenly wakes up as though from a dream and decides-
“Wait! This is not what I want, or I have seen ‘better’ or….” the list is endless.

Sadly I have learned that this only means that the time they were ‘dating’ you, they had someone else they ‘would rather commit to’.

I say this in quotes because they never really commit to the other party either but that is a story for another day.

See, we have a breed of people who feed off…

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2 thoughts on “Letter to the women left behind

  1. My encouragement to the ladies, yesterday and today is do not sell yourself short. And to the young men to look deeper than can be seen by the naked eye. While you think this happens only to the not yet married, try those who are walking the marriage walk and the man says, I married too soon! Daaah meaning what exactly? Or the sisters who stalk their husbands every movement… identity isn’t found in a status, or a person. Identity is found in the giver of life and should be embraced in all its entirety because it enables you to find wholeness in the person that you are so that when you meet His daughter or son, it is perfection not heart break.

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