Taking stock One

Hey hey, September is upon us.
I finally got around to taking stock. The first time I saw it was on chocolaty prints http://chocolatyprints.com/2017/09/30/taking-stock-25/ and then on Sharon Mundia’s bloghttp://www.thisisess.com/2017/11/taking-stock-twenty-seven.html. Check out both blogs,they are amazing.

Here goes my very first….

Making: Tough decisions,that are big and bold. They are definitely scaring me but hey,I am doing it afraid.

Eating: Muesli.It is the perfect breakfast plan. It has Oats, sunflower and sesame seeds, coconut,nuts and raisins. It’s filling,low on calories and gluten free. I have it with strawberry yogurt or milk.

Drinking: Lots of water.I have no skin care routine ,hydration is the way to go.🀸🀸🀸

Reading: David & Goliath by Malcolm GladWell. An amazing book, about underdogs,misfits and the art of battling Giants.

Wanting:To travel.I want to lay in a hammock ,cover my face with a big pink hat,sip on some coconut juice.hehehehe

Playing: Promise keeper by Israel Houghton and Travis Greene .Off Israel’s new it’s on replay.

Wasting: no time in self pity.It leaves you feeling sad, negative,and depressed.In such a state,you can’t celebrate other people’s wins.

Creating: More time to create content for the blog,read and engage in business.

Wishing:I didn’t fear anything.

Enjoying:my thoughts.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wondering:about my life. Growing up is hardwork.

Loving:Hearing my mother pray.This is a sound I could listen to all day.A praying mother is everything.

Hoping:for things to get better.

Marvelling:at God’s goodness.I see Him at work ,lifting people up to high places.

Smelling:Splendor by Elizabeth Arden.This perfume smells of the boss life.

Wearing:heels again.yaaaay!!! Exactly a year after my boda accident.My leg has healed and back to normal.Thank you Jesus.

Following: Malaika Nyanzi.I respect her hustle. Anyone who knows her,I want to meet herπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Noticing:People power.#FreeBobi couldn’t be ignored by the world and our government as well.

Knowing:that not all people will appreciate what they have.

Bookmarking: Worship Wreck blog articles.https://marykamau.com

Opening: up to the idea of having my hair in permanent dreads.I wanted to do this at 30 but I feel like I am ready.hehehe

Giggling:at people’s status updates.

Feeling: Hopeful about September.I am all for new beginnings.

Happy New month my people.

Sending you blessings galore .

27 thoughts on “Taking stock One

  1. Rachel those are wonderful thoughts. I feel like I’ve caught up with everything going on with you in one seating. Plus I’m feeling a little inspired to take stock in writing since I abandoned my blog for monthsπŸ™ˆ

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  2. I like the stock taking hihiiii. Oh and the natural dreads, can’t wait to see the new look. Am in the same phase, the 20’s are a weird age group. I wake up, look at my hair and am like God!, what do I do with these black proteins now.
    Great September my dear.

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