Last Minute Things

The papal visit  is finally here and there is excitement and hype  in every country that he is to visit . Kenya declared a public holiday and thousands of people crooned to see the pope ; i wonder if this day will be celebrated in Kenya next year .

In my beloved country -Uganda; construction of roads, martyrs shrines  and anything else that has to look perfect has been ongoing .Sadly, this is always the state of affairs when “vvips”(very very important people) are visiting a country. Suddenly the country is in a state of panic to construct the roads and block portholes that have been evident throughout .The coming of such figures reveals the culture of Africa-“doing last minute things” or working when there is need but if no need then no work will get done.

This culture is evident in market places, homes, churches, government institutions and schools; when i was at the university ,i read when i had an exam and when i did n`t have one i did n`t see the need to read . This caused panic during exam time and this is the sate of many campus students who half the semester are not  in class and they appear suddenly during tests and exams.

This culture breeds laziness, frustration and produces mediocre work and there is no excellence in it yet our God is a God of excellence.

The bible says,2 Timothy 4:2“Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season.”

As individuals and also as a country we can borrow those words ; be ready in season and out of season by practicing personal development , planning for the city and executing those plans properly, consult masters in  various fields so to get the most excellent way.

Personal development is a crucial aspect emphasized by John.C.Maxwell in his book the 15 invaluable laws of growth. The best investment you can make  is to yourself as an individual and the country has to invest in its people, infrastructure among other things.

As individuals let us do way with last minute things and pursue the most excellent way through planning, prioritizing, practicing personal development in order to grow.


#What would Magufuli do?

The president of Tanzania is trending on every social media platform and for good reasons only. A former school teacher,industrial chemist and former works minister now president of the republic of Tanzania is the epitome of preparation meets platform.

He was unknown to the world until he became the president of Tanzania by his acts  of cutting mega expenditures on independence celebrations and world aids day, channeling money to buy arvs and hospital beds.This is evidence of a man who has been preparing for presidency for a long time and he was certain his day would come and he would be ready for public revealing.

John Magufuli prepared by  studying  the system ,understanding the political environment of Tanzania, developed concepts on paper as though he was the president then. His implementation strategy  in just a few weeks in power is a testament of his readiness to  execute   the plans he made while in the waiting room.

The lesson we can learn from this man-“bull dozer” like he is nick named is set goals in life and work towards them like he did; Magufuli didn`t just wake up this year and plan to be president. He knew what he wanted and set as a goal and worked towards it every single day.

Learn to read widely about current events in your country, books, take short courses that add value to you.This prepares you for the end goal and you have a strategic game plan for your life.

Don`t let your moment of public revealing get you off guard.

2 Timothy 4:2“….be ready in season and out of season.”

2 Timothy 2:15“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”


The Year 2016

“If you don`t design your own life plan, chances are you will fall into someone else`s plan.And guess what they may have planned for you? Not more”-Jim Rohn.

It is just 8 days into 2016 and it is a norm to write down new years resolutions at the start of a new year. People all over the world do this but question is how many actually fulfill their resolutions. Years ago, i could barely remember resolutions by March and i bet many people are with me in this category.

2015 is in the past however 2016 is our present; and whatever we didn`t do in the past years, we still can do it in this new year.There is a time for everything and the wise plan out their year so nothing catches them unaware.

Like Jim Rohn`s quote , don`t let people plan your life for you nor should you fall into people`s plans because you will tag along in their plans and not benefit . You alone know what you need in life and no other person except God knows that information.

Don`t waste time ; seek value addition and purpose in your heart to achieve each goal set.

I learnt a valuable lesson from my friends at work in 2014, the art of value addition-it is simply adding more value to yourself than what you had before. From 2014, i have been on a journey to add value to myself and this year isn`t any different. I have mapped my year out and i know exactly which areas i will be paying attention to this year so i grow myself.

Seek to grow yourself; lay out the plan and act on it because it benefits you alone and helps you not to take on any course , friends and any other things that are not in line with your plan.When you know what you need, you don`t go for what you want. Needs and wants are totally different and must be kept that way.

Its a new year, lay a plan and strategy, learn a new skill, understand time is the best currency, know what is happening in Uganda and the world at large.Don`t waste time.

#happy new year#be productive.

I Almost Forgot

After a week of going through a number of  raging emotions ; at what has been going wrong and how God has been out to get me since the year started.I came to the conclusion that God was against me and not for me (i let life get to me instead of letting my Father get to it and on top of it).

I am not insane nor have i stopped believing in my God and Father; however , lately i have been overwhelmed with life and felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.I chose to focus on the negatives in my life and ignored the positives.

I almost forgot all my Father has done for me over the years (we are quick to forget, aren`t we? )

I almost forgot how healthy , i am and that the only “sickness” i have claimed to have over the years has been flu -which in my opinion is never serious.

I almost forgot that i am not blind but i can read , write, blog and still do more reading.

I almost forgot that i have family and friends who love me dearly and will move mountains for me.

I almost forgot how i have gone through the years and NEVER lacked a single thing.

I almost forgot the beauty of life;the rising and setting of the sun which  brings glory that like a blanket covers the sky, revealing the majesty of God.

I almost forgot all the good things God has ever done for me and will continue to do for me.

Learn to count your blessings,one by one each day because through them you know, God is for you and not against you. You are reminded that you are the APPLE of His eyes(Zechariah 2:8).

Hebrews 13:8“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today ,and forever.”

Isaiah 43: 1“Fear not , for I have redeemed you;

                   I have called you by your  name;

                   You are Mine,

                   When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

                   And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you,

                    When you walk through the fire,you shall not be burned,

                     Nor shall the flame scorch you.”

  God is for you , and not against you.God is constant and will never change .Be encouraged as you go through life and let Jesus take the wheel.

Safety In the Shadows

Ever been haunted by shadows ?Shadow simply refers to a  dark area or shape made by an object blocking rays of light.We all come face to face with shadows that are only known to us; shadows like siblings, certain family members, that A class student in your class, no marriage , death of a loved one and that near death experience.Each shadow simply reflects our fears and insecurities;harbors a darkness that has power to hold us hostage for years .

Growing up ,i lived in the shadow of the cross mark on my nose; it ate at me like a prisoner stuck with rats for lunch. It defined and labelled me like Jesus on the cross, that on meeting me it was unforgettable. I wanted to just die literally and at one time contemplated plastic surgery just to have it off my nose.It killed every flowery idea that flourished within me and reminded me that i was just a shadow and not worthy of light-it simply made me opaque…..

I came to the realization, that no job, marriage, friends, storeyed house, car  can  beat the shadows that we run away from except God.I trust He is able to heal us from pain we experience while living in the shadows.

The Psalmist in chapter 17:8 says, “Hide me under the shadow of Your wings..”.(NKJV)

The verse highlights a new perspective to the shadows, it denotes comfort, safety, love, freedom, joy, peace, rest , blossoming and fruitfulness.Safety in the shadows sounds like a  bad joke since many have experienced pain, felt uncertainty and fear pulling at your very own soul, heard screams that alarmed none other than yourself.

There is safety under the shadow of our Father`s wings ; let us run to Him and not from Him.He loves and promises protection because He neither sleeps nor slumbers.

Sudden happenings

I recently attended a prayer meeting at my church (Church of the resurrection church of Uganda); a friend shared and mentioned “sudden happenings. ‘The writer in me leaped for joy like Elizabeth`s baby at hearing Mary`s greeting.

Each day we experience sudden happenings which are bittersweet; they either bring joy or sorrow or both at the same time. Sorrow which makes us question whether the existence of a God is real or just a myth??

Ever woken to the news that one of your loved ones suddenly has cancer or fistula or any disease that you just never thought you would encounter head on? Sudden loss of a job, loved ones, bankruptcy, surgery, loss of a baby , accidents and many more. These incidents all happen without warning or any hesitation forcing people to be frustrated and see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Darkness falls blanketing people with sorrow, anguish and frustration……………………..

However the bible in Luke 18:1 says, ‘men ought to pray and not lose heart.” (NKJV)

When you read through such a text and are going through tough times, you are more angry than encouraged because right there, you are questioning whether there is really a God; who you sing about and clap about. But in the text lies comfort and encouragement; when you pray to a God whom you know, you pray and not lose heart. Like Paul, you say “for I know whom I have believed in.’’

You pray knowing He is a wall of fire around you (Zec 2:5), He who watches over you NEVER sleeps nor slumbers. He is a good Father and is so concerned about us, our country even as we go through elections, let us be encouraged for His eye is on a sparrow and He watches over us.

He not only watches but acts on our behalf…

In spite of sudden happenings, know whom you have believed in and lift up your eyes to the hills from where your help comes from.(Psalm 121).

Life Long Learning

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.’’-Albert Einstein

As we covered the topic of lifelong learning in New Generation Mentoring Program , I realized that we are in an information age where we have knowledge on our finger tips by virtue of our smart phones. Google is full of organized information on just about any topic, with a number of sites and apps to be downloaded for your convenience.

The law of attraction states that, ‘Learning problems are often what prevent people from being successful .Either they aren`t willing to learn continuously and change as they learn; or they aren`t willing to learn something that will enable them to grow and make better decisions.”

Learning never ends since there is always new information waiting to be discovered. Information is limitless and can`t be confined .Manufacturers have mastered this art well and always seek to help their clientele understand new phone models, car models, laptop and computer models. This information is vital for the clientele otherwise they can`t successfully utilize the potential of the gadgets bought.Learning with the right information unlocks potential.

Throughout my formal education life, I was subjected to reading about physics, chemistry, biology, economics and many other topics that didn`t really hold my interest. However, now that I am out of that structured kind of learning, I know what information I need to take in. For example, I am passionate about personal development and most books I read fall in this category.

We are in a sea of information and we need to streamline what we take in. Law of attraction suggests; start by deciding what it is you need to learn or how you need to change the process by which you learn. Then let the learning begin.

It is important for each of us to read widely on areas we want to grow in, this guarantees expertise in that area. Don’t be a jack of all trade and a master at none. Master something.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.’’-Ronald .E.Osborn

Embark on a life long journey to learn at whatever point you are at.LEARN AND NEVER STOP LEARNING.

Pillow Talk

Ever wanted to cry but you are not at liberty to do so?Your emotions are on a sleeve but seem locked away and the KEYS thrown in a sea with Jonah`s monster fish.

If you are like me and many haven`t seen you cry then you battle before everyone except your pillow; you don`t have to put up a facade.Your pillow sees and holds each tear due to news of an ailment pertaining to a loved one, failure of an exam,break-up, failure to hit  set goals, life`s frustrations……..

The pillow comforts you and silently signs a non-disclosure agreement with you ; it whispers ,“your secrets are safe with me.” You are convinced by the soft and firm whispers that the agreement will not be violated.

Psalm 56:8, “ You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle.”NKJV

Each tear you cry, God sees it and just like the Hebrew believed that He kept each tear in His bottle.I believe the tear collections are adorned with love, mercy and justice because we are dear to Him.

God is like the pillow but also more than the pillow because He is living and ever present. He is a father and promises comfort for your weary soul. When everything is going south instead of North, He is with you.

 Isaiah 43:2 “ When you pass through the waters, I will be with you

                          And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.

                          When you walk through the fire, you shall not be be burned.” NKJV

God is interested in loving on you and all you have to do is trust Him more than you trust that pillow. Don`t try figuring it out alone, go before Him and experience Him each day , you have the liberty to cry, laugh, smile and allow every emotion to be released before Him.

You don`t have to be strong before Him because in your weaknesses His strength is MADE PERFECT not will be made perfect.

Simply trust  God.

Sudden Happenings#2

As i penned my final exams in may 2014,i knew i wanted 5 months of rest because i felt i had exhausted every fiber of my body and now pampering  was my new agenda.

Suddenly ,i was offered an internship placement at Kyusa!!!!!Pampering was not top priority anymore .

I didn`t pray for the internship placement to come that soon; i wanted it to come after my 5 months of pampering .funny!huh??Sudden happenings don`t have a looming mark of arrival; they just drop like atomic bombs in world war 11. When they drop , it`s either happiness or sadness.

Good things happen when we least expect them.It`s like praying for something to happen in a month and it happens months later .By this time, you have probably forgotten  and lost heart.Then suddenly, the answer comes your way bringing fulfillment and joy.

Luke 18:1 emphasizes that, “men ought to pray and not lose heart.”But what happens when i receive what i have prayed for; do i still need to pray?

Prayer is not about God granting your requests but it`s about intimacy with the Father.The giver of the answer is more important than the answer.The relationship with the giver of the answers is very important and must be given utmost attention . 

Intimacy is irrespective of whether i get an answer in prayer or not.Intimacy with God can never be substituted for anything.In any case,intimacy with God ought to be a priority at all frontiers.

Know whom you have believed in and let prayer be a lifestyle ;not a one off when you  feel you need more of God because you lack tuition, food, transport, and other needs.

God loves you so much that even before you ask for anything He already knows and you know what-He has already provided. Learn and study the word of God  in order to embrace His principles .

I adorn

In a bid to climax the love week ,i choose to adorn my lover.

I choose to adorn the lover of all lovers-God.He is love.

If anyone claims to love ,they ought to know the author of love.One who inspired 1corinthians 13,a eulogy on love.This love treaty between  man and God is a greater treaty than devonshire white paper .

I choose to adorn the one who first loved me .

In life we want to give so we are given back;we want to love because we are loved.

However ,God cut through my heart without expecting me to get Him a kfc bucket of chicken,roses or anything in that regard.

For love to thrive in a relationship,people must first love themselves .God loves Himself and loves us too very much.

When you love yourself first  ,you know your strengths and  weaknesses,you know the state of your  city before you can conquer another.

This kind of attention is what God gives to you;He knows your where,what ,how and whom.

He is the epitome of love .

Let Him adorn you and you will adorn Him right back.

#It’s infectious and contagious.