Cultural night:Beauty in ddifference

Culture is worth of celebration. BAYC here i come.

Disciples' Youth Fellowship

Culture is a part of society and exists in all spheres of life; fashion, education, religion and faith, business.

Each year at BAY C, there is a night dedicated to celebrating the cultural heritage of Uganda and Africa at large. Culture reminds us of our heritage something that God has given us and we are identified by.


Each group gets to act out a play all based on the theme for the conference and this year, the theme is the standard. Participants  get creative and innovative as the skits, poems and cultural songs all center around the theme. Gifts and talents are nurtured on this night as script writers take to writing the play and then poets take on poetry sessions and get people to do magnificent spoken word in luganda, acholi, langi,runyankole,etc.

The night is crowned with a fashion show that majorly showcases traditional wear from all cultures across…

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